We’ve been doing a lot of little updates around the house lately. The most recent one I shared was with the fireplace last spring. I’ve been working full time off and on since July, but now I have a break for a couple months and I can return to our “honey-do” list.

There are some items that I usually do around the house in the fall: waxing the vehicles, cleaning out closets and the garage, and getting folks in to do preventive maintenance for our HVAC system. But this fall we are adding a couple of other things. More »

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This was my family's favorite Blue Apron meal so far.

This was my family’s favorite Blue Apron meal so far. The chicken was flavorful, the potatoes were delicious, and that’s a homemade honey-mustard dipping sauce!

I know you’ve been seeing the numerous Instagram posts about our family’s Blue Apron meals. Unlike many of the other reviews out there, Blue Apron did not send me a bunch of free meals in return for the publicity.

However, I did take advantage of a promotion they often offer to new customers: your first four meals are delivered for the price of one.

I’ve been getting their meal boxes periodically for 2 months now and I wanted to summarize my thoughts on the program. This is a data dump of the features our family likes, as well as the things our family doesn’t like. I’ll try to organize the thoughts so it can be useful to someone. More »

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Yes, I still dabble around in going “back to basics” although it’s pretty tough when I’m working full time. Many of the things I’ve written about…well, I just don’t do it anyone. From homemade laundry soap (because our white clothing started turning grey) to not using the dryer (we moved from Florida and the weather doesn’t cooperate as well with air drying our clothing as often), some of my ideas didn’t completely go as planned. Sorry.

But homemade sauerkraut is something I’ve been wanting to succeed at for a very long time. Here’s the beginning of my journey into home-fermentation.
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