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I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

UPDATE: I’ve added my own pictures:

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Hi again!

Eventually I’ll get around to writing about what’s REALLY going on in my life: keeping the boys happy, planning our trip to Nebraska, and keeping all of the contractors working on our house straight. Today should be a relatively relaxing day — the termite treatment is done, the remnants of our home inspection work is now scheduled, and I’ve found a preschool for Timmy in Nebraska!

But for now, allow me to introduce you to Sharon O’Donnell of Cary, NC, who apparently has become famous for her new book “House of Testosterone” about being a Mom of 3 boys.

I saw the website named on a bumper sticker in Apex last week, so yesterday I remembered to check it out. When I noticed all of Ms. O’Donnell’s book readings were in central N.C., I checked further to find out she lives in the next town over from me. Cool!

Many of my blog “regulars” are Moms of boys (Maryann, Wendy, Deidre, Dawn, Mandakini, Robin, Christina): our scrapbooking/sewing/stamping/needlepoint areas have been usurped by toy trains, race tracks, acres of Army men, and Legos Legos Legos! Thought you might enjoy this!


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I subscribe to an e-mail US Air Force news service called “AIM Points” which comes from the Secretary of the Air Force’s Public Affairs office. It collects AF-related news articles from throughout the media and consolidates them into one reader. It also pushes messages from our Air Force leaders. For example, this week they’re pushing out the “101 Critical Days of Summer” safety campaign message to us.

Today I was pleased to read this article, which says that the Los Angeles AFB commissary will not only be able to significantly reduce their energy budget with their solar panels, but will be able to sell the excess energy to Southern California Edison and possibly return energy funding to the Department of Defense.

Los Angeles Air Force Base’s press release about their new solar panels is here. And the base did this energy-saving act last week.

I know, the LED and Compact Fluorescent lighting seems like a small simple thing to do, but I attest that every little bit counts, starting with individual acts.


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This is an emailed blog posting from my phone on the beach in Va Beach!

Let’s see if it works!

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This week, I was inspired — in part by Christina’s post — to attempt a pull-apart cake for Jake’s graduation pot-luck. Unlike Christina’s son’s school, homemade foods are welcome!

Last year, Maryann gave me a Penguin-shaped silicone pull-apart cake pan, since Jake was in the Penguin class and all.

I only remembered to take two pictures of the cake but they show how it all looks.

Everyone was scared to touch the cake…or they didn’t realize it was a pull-apart cake. Our family was about 2/3 the way through the line for food and the cake was virtually untouched! So Carolyn (the Mom across from me) and I hacked into it! Then it disappeared quickly.



From 2008 05 22 Ja…
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This week was graduation week at my boys’ preschool. I attended Timmy’s end-of-year picnic on Tuesday by myself, as Jake was in class and Dave was in Nebraska getting us a house. I didn’t get many good pictures of Timmy, he was being too crazy.

Jacob’s ceremony, on the other hand, was way more emotional. I wanted to share pictures of Jacob’s graduation and a little trip down memory lane.

I guess great minds think alike, because while I was drafting this, Maryann shared with me this post.

Here he is graduating from the Ducks, his 4-year-old class, May 21, 2007:

And from the Penguins, his pre-Kindergarten class, May 22, 2008:

Here are more photos from Jake’s ceremony:

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Wow — I was nervous about posting the wooden bat thing, but I guess I might have spoken out on something that may have been on many of our minds in the first place.I thought I might have been the only one seeming so heartless.

Not that this holds a candle to the New Jersey family’s brain damage, but Jake broke his leg on a giant inflatable slide in summer 2006. Dave and Jake went down the slide together, Dave landed on Jake’s leg at the bottom. It was at the Town of Apex’s July 4th celebration.

Our insurance company made us go to the town and to the inflatable slide rental company for information and then went on to inquire whether we’d attempt to recoup our insurance company’s medical costs.

What? If the insurance company wants their medical costs reimbursed, they could pursue it themselves! I was busy trying to provide a semblance of a summer to my 3 1/2 year old!

It was our choice to allow Jake to go down the slide.

I did write a letter to the slide-rental company because the teenagers hired as attendants did nothing when it was discovered that Jake broke his leg — they continued to let children slide and pile up while we kept those kids from crashing into Jacob. But that was it.

But that did get me thinking about whether the family’s HMO might be putting pressure on them to seek recoupment of some of their expenses…from someone!

PS: A week after Jake’s leg cast came off, he fell off a slide structure at our fitness center’s child care area and cut open his eyebrow, requiring stitches. The insurance company made us go through the same thing again.

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*Come on — those who know me KNOW that’s where I’d go!

Anyway, my new blog friend, Christina, has payed forward her “Excellent Blog Award” to none other than me…I am sincerely humbled by this, especially after yesterday’s somewhat-controversial post!

Thank you Christina — I’ll do my best to keep up with the high standards of this award and continue to reflect great credit upon the Ground Control to Major Mom Blog, Blogger.com, and the entire Blogosphere.

Back to resussitating my wireless router. CLEAR!