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The half bath as of today. There's one more task before I'll be truly happy with it...

The half bath as of today. A bunch of small improvements have turned it into an elegant space we aren’t embarrassed to show to visitors. There’s one more task before I’ll be truly happy with it…an updated mirror.

If you thought the upstairs bathroom was small, well, the half bath on the main floor of our house is REALLY small! Nonetheless, we were frustrated with the white tile counter—mostly because of the grout—and went with a similar resurfacing as the upstairs bathroom. But a different color.

The next thing about to happen is a frame around the large mirror. Dave and I can’t stand those mirrors, but as we learned from the kids’ bath upstairs, removing the mirror might take the wall with it…but we found a website called MirrorMates.com that offers peel-and-stick frame pieces for plate-glass mirrors such as these. So we ordered one. I’ll let you know how it looks.


I didn’t do a great job photographing all of this, but I did find a “before” photo from when we were first looking at this house with our realtor in May 2013. The bottom part of the picture is the “after” photo of the resurfacing: the tape over the sink was to remind us not to use the sink for 24 hours while the counter surface dried.




Here’s a closeup of the new counter surface. It was originally solid white, and the grout had gotten pretty dingy…