Because of course we needed a Hofbräuhaus selfie!

1 Aug 22: Greetings from Munich! This is the last full day of our trip and the fatigue has definitely caught up with us. We arrived in the city around 10:30am and the hotel surprised us by having our rooms ready. We did the two things I was interested in in Munich: the 1908 Rathaus-Glockenspiel performance and the Hofbräuhaus for lunch. I promised the boys “No more museums and no more tourist attractions” after yesterday’s Passion Play.

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1 Aug 22: One more visit to our trip — we had a 1km walk to our train station…where — not a train — a bus was waiting for us…

We all cleaned up well, didn’t we?

31 July 2022: I mentioned in my previous post that my friend Breea was helping our family keep our Oberammergau planning in line. Many years ago (not long after the 2010 Passion Play), when we were both stationed in Nebraska, we discovered we had a common goal: to take our families to the Passion Play in 2020.

“Let’s take our families together!”

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In-the-theater selfie! Photography is prohibited of the performance itself.

31 July 2022: The Passion Play was absolutely incredible! It was worth every minute of the 4 year, 3 month wait from when we got the tickets.

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31 July 22: Presenting: Die Passionsspiele 2022 selfie! The play itself starts in a couple hours — 2:30pm till 10:30pm with a dinner break — and photography is prohibited.

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This is probably the best photo of Dave and me from the entire trip. I love it so much!

30 July 22: We took a guided tour — arranged through the Edelweiss Resort — of Neuschwanstein Castle, King Ludwig II of Bavaria’s fanboy ode to the composer Richard Wagner. The king perished mysteriously before it was completed, in the 1880s, and the castle was left unfinished.

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30 July 22: Neuschwanstein selfie! More photos to follow when I have better WiFi…

Greetings from the Top of Germany!

29 July 22: Today we woke up, saw the Zugspitze view off our balcony loud and clear and decided to make the trip up before the clouds enveloped it. It was a bit tricky to do with public transportation but we did it! It took a bus, two trains, and a gondola/cable car to get to the top.

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29 Jul 22: For my meteorologist friends!! Dave and I got to experience a “Brocken Spectre” today!!

Greetings from the top of the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany (~9700′). At about 1300 local time, so the sun was pretty high, and the cloud was below us.

28 Jul 22: Tim wanted “wursts” for dinner so we found this place in Garmisch right on the Marienplatz. It was good and we appreciated the smaller portions than what we had last night. I also tried my first “Aperol spritz” to see what all the hype was about….um…yeah…I saw folks everywhere in Paris and Berlin drinking these. They can keep them.

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