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This year I let GeekMom.com and Pinterest drive our Easter egg efforts.  As I’d said over the weekend, we enjoyed coloring our eggs with Kool Aid and a couple of Dave’s old silk ties.  And I had promised some details.

Here we go!

Kool Aid Eggs

This is really easy.  Add a packet of non-sugared Kool Aid to a mug with 2/3 c. of water — it doesn’t matter what temperature.  Stir and just add eggs!

In the case of the Kool Aid, the kids did most of the work. It was quite nice!  Pardon my crazy-cluttery kitchen!

We chose a variety of flavors to give us rainbow colors.

15 minutes on the timer!

VERY bright!

I want to speak about these eggs in particular. This is what you get with the "grape" flavored Kool Aid. Brown with blue speckles peeking out.

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Thanks to Pinterest, and a GeekMom who actually tested it last weekend, I will be trying a new approach to dyeing Easter eggs: Kool-Aid!

I had written about Kool-Aid while we were living in Nebraska (since Hastings, NE is home of Kool-Aid!) but honestly I don’t get it that often.

But this display at my local commissary gave me a change of heart.  I bought 6 packets.

It had a display all to itself today! It was a sign that this was how we needed to color our Easter eggs this year!

So check out the recipe for doing this — recommend you click on the Pinterest link above, then click on the picture to go to the original post. We’ll let you know this weekend how it goes.