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Tonight we added some beadboard to the kitchen island.

Tonight we added some beadboard to the kitchen island. This will all be painted by this weekend.

Tonight we continued our kitchen work by installing a panel of bead board to one side of the kitchen island. This was not only a cosmetic modification, but also somewhat structural: the original plain paneling was dried out and cracking. We simply glued the panel on with Liquid Nails and then nailed it into place.

We were challenged with cutting the board perfectly. While our table saw took care of the major cuts, we purposefully erred on not cutting it down enough. Dave chose to sand down any longer edges rather than risk splitting the wood with running it through our table saw for little slivers.


Once the board was cut to size, Dave applies Liquid Nails to the back side. We are merely covering up the existing panel, which we had used for the paint test colors over the weekend.


Dave presses the panel into place.


He used a brad gun around the edge of the panel, then used a hammer to tap the brads into place more thoroughly.


Next task? Priming, then painting the entire island “Espresso Bean” color. We will be going without doors and drawers for a few days.