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I’ve been sitting in the “Desert Eagle Lounge” where the WiFi is okay, enjoying more from the blog Cake Wrecks. Check it out if you haven’t already, it’s fun and FUNNY!

Anyway, on the big screen TV to my left is SkySports, which airs in Britain (I think) and was showing informercials. I just watched this one with interest. (You can see part of the infomercial at the bottom of the page). It’s called the “Titan Vegetable Shaver” and is essentially a multi-functional veggie peeler.

Were it not that the U.S. dollar is so weak against the British pound, perhaps I’d be willing to shell out the 19.95 GBP + 16.95 GBP shipping + handling to the US for it. What would that all come to? About $50 for a veggie peeler?

But the commercial showed how many amazing things it can do! You can back a truck over it! You can use it for cheese, chocolate, pineapples, giant radishes, other strange British foodstuff…

I have only ever ordered one thing off of a TV commercial in my entire life: Aqua Globes for my Mom this past summer. There were so many problems with the order — they took so long I had moved and changed my billing address on the credit card which resulted in an error come processing time, they were available in stores months before my Mom actually received them. Sorry Mom — I tried!