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This is a bottle of San Benedetto lemon iced tea (“the” = “tea”). Good stuff.
I had to smile when I saw this for sale at the local BX. I remember
buying 1.5L bottles of the stuff for just a couple dollars when I was
deployed to Bosnia in 1997. Like Snapple, it has a distinct tea
flavor…not too sweet, like that canned Nestea Brisk stuff.
I also remember all the calories that comes with drinking that much
tea. It’s sweetened tea, so this 1/2 liter bottle will run you about
160 calories.
I think a combination of this tea and way too many Ritter Sport
“Vollnuss” chocolate bars was the reason I didn’t lose any weight in
Bosnia despite the tons and tons of exercise I did!
So I picked up two 1/2L bottles today when I went to go buy a bottle
of shampoo…I promise, I’ll behave myself and try to restrict this to
a once-a-week treat.