As most of my loyal readers know, the Vollmer family has a move coming up. Dave has orders to Offutt AFB, Nebraska, and this week he got the first batch of paperwork verifying things. He had to select what date we want to leave North Carolina…and that resulted in a lot of discussion. It turns out the public schools in Bellevue, NE start on AUGUST 12th!


Who wants to start school that early??? I remember being flabbergasted at how early the kids started in Brevard County, FL, when Dave and I were stationed at Patrick AFB.

Well, for some reason, it’s VERY important to me that if Jake has a chance to start school on the first day of school, he does so. After all, we’re talking about Kindergarten — the most important day of his life…

…well, thus far.

The point is, Jake will have enough other things to worry about with our move…having to single him out as the “new kid” a week after Kindergarten starts? I don’t think that’s cool.

So I convinced Dave to put “August 7th” as the date we’re leaving NC. Yes, it’ll be a fast trip to NE, but for Jake, I think if we can get him into the school routine as soon as he arrives, things will be good for him. The sooner he’ll make friends, establish a routine, and he won’t have to sit around bored while the furniture is being delivered.

Also, the upcoming move has had me looking at everything in my house so I can mentally label it “Should it stay or should it go?” Many things are illegal for the movers to take: candles, lightbulbs, liquids of any kind. Which means if we really want to take it along, we have to find room in our van or car.

This weekend I took a look under my bathroom sink and saw so many Bath and Body Works, Body Shop, and other pretty-smelling lotions, eaus, and body splashes. I thought to myself, “I can’t take all of it with me.”

Infant toys, magazines, clothes that are too small/out of style, pantry foods that I bought then changed my mind about preparing: need to get it squared away before July!