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This advertisement was on the back of my latest issue of National Geographic:

From AllState

I found this pretty interesting. The statistic, that is. I never gave that much thought to how long I planned to stay out of full-time work. Sometimes I wonder whether I’d go back into meteorology, or if I’d pursue some other career: teaching rears its head most often. After all, our nation has a significant shortage of math and science teachers, especially at the high school level. I could do that…I think.

A woman in my church knitting group recently changed careers and is now a high school algebra teacher near Fayetteville. Some of her stories are scary, but she still is very proud that she can help with the shortage.

So…eleven years. Wow. I just hit 3 years out of the workforce last week.

PS: I agree with all of the tips offered in that advertisement. Make sure your spouse is covered for his/her retirement.