Our attention-to-detail-lover Jacob found Easter Eggs that none of the rest of us did. Here he’s pointing out a cloud “vomiting” rain.

In the spirit of Halloween, allow me to present a book review for you!

Five Little Zombies (and Fred) is a “children’s book that’s not for children”, written by my friend and GeekMom colleague, Jules Sherred and illustrated by Matt Schubbe.

I had the honor of seeing and hearing about Jule’s book idea from its infancy. She told all the GeekMom writers about her IndieGoGo campaign earlier this summer, and contributors to the campaign received sneak-peek MP3s, illustrations and storylines as the assorted funding milestones were reached.

The book is a very fun read with plenty of grown-up humor interlaced throughout. It’s the story of Fred being chased by five zombies (as you probably assumed). The dialogue flows very similarly to the familiar “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” song/rhyme. Fred’s able to kill most of the zombies, no thanks to the Canadian Mountie he keeps asking for assistance. But if you want the whole story, you’d better read it for yourself!

The book’s illustrations are whimsical and put smiles on my whole family’s face! It’s illustrated in the style of a young child’s book, but trust me, you probably won’t want read this to your two-year-old. If your kids are familiar with zombies and you have no problems with teaching your children what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse, by all means, this will make a GREAT gift!

Isn’t Fred cute? Don’t be suckered in by his cuteness…he takes out several zombies! Image: Amazon.com

Let me tell you about what makes this book so special. You need to pay attention to the numerous hidden stories in the background. After reading about Fred’s adventures, go back to the beginning and check it out again…this time, look at the mini-stories. Between the cows, penguins, polar bears, people, and clouds, there are so many other fun things going on!

Jules is a HUGE Star Trek fan, and she told me a little secret: It’s no accident that Fred is wearing a Red Shirt!

Do you like how cute Fred is? In addition to the book, be sure to check out the Fred merchandise and digital music downloads that are available. The “theme song” is an awesome accompaniment to the book and you can listen to it and buy it (along with with the also-awesome “Ballad of Fred”) for just $2 through this link.

Five Little Zombies (and Fred) is available as a paperback or for your eReader and will make a great gift this Halloween or Christmas for your friends who are actively preparing for the apocalypse.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes….