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Ranger has made great progress integrating with our family. After a couple weeks of separation anxiety issues, we’ve found a great system of crating time with two days of “Doggie Day Care” per week does the trick keeping him happy and healthy. In the picture above he’s lounging on our brand new deck that just finished last weekend: the original deck was rotting and becoming dangerous to use.

We’ve had several medical issues with Ranger; so much so that we were pondering whether it was the right decision to keep him. First of all he was seemingly eating everything in sight. One day, he got into the kitchen trash can, and within a few hours he was acting very lethargic: not eating or drinking. That resulted in a trip to the veterinary ER to get his GI system X-rayed to rule out any stomach or intestinal blockages. Then a couple weeks later Ranger sliced his paw DEEPLY on some metal landscape edging in our backyard and he needed several stitches. That required the “cone of shame” for several days. More »

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Meet Ranger!

Meet Ranger!

I have a solid 6 weeks worth of adventures to write about, but for now, meet Ranger, the newest member of the family (pictured here).

It’s been about 3 months since we lost our beloved Howie, and the house just isn’t the same without a four-legged friend to keep us company.

He’s a ~2 year old smooth-coat border collie, and he’s so smart! He was found as a stray in Garden City, KS and was rescued from a rural Kansas shelter in mid-June. He had been fostering with a Denver family through the Western Australian Shepherd Rescue since then.

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