Three and a half years I elected to grow out my hair (February 2009, while I was deployed, after a very bad haircut), I faced the scissors and cut off about 16″ of my hair about 2 weeks ago.

I had last done this in September 2007 right before I had started a new position in the AF Reserves, and I had donated the hair to the organization Locks of Love. I did the same thing this time around, although I was saddened to hear that Locks of Love is very discriminating about the hair they receive and very few of their donations are actually turned into wigs.

Enjoy some pictures from my August 24th haircut!

First the hair has to be sectioned off before cutting. My stylist, Katrina, got four sections.

I had to say “Just do it!”. And there they are…the top ends of those ponytails looked and felt like large makeup brushes.

When all was said and done, Katrina had to straighten and flatten my hair to make sure it’s even. I felt like the Johnny Depp version of Willie Wonka. I don’t plan to wear my hair like this.

This is more how I will wear my hair. Much easier to style this way. More like that cute actress who plays Alice Cullen in Twilight.