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Jacob AND Timmy!

Okay, so I’m a little behind. A couple days after the boys’ started school, I had to go for a 10-day trip to Nebraska (more about that later).

In an ideal world I’d have loved for the boys to dress up some for the first day of school, but (a) I have sons, not daughters who are more likely to dress up and (b) kids simply don’t dress up for the first day of school the way they used to. I feel like a won a battle (not the war) with their at least wearing “nice” shorts.

Do they like school? It was a little rough the first week — Jacob claimed that no one would talk to him, and Timmy had to work hard to not talk out of turn — but we’re now starting on the 4th week and things seem to be better. Jacob invited a couple of his new friends for his birthday dinner out next weekend. Timmy is figuring out the rules of the classroom.

Both boys’ teachers are new to the school, but not new to teaching. One of them is even former Air Force! They are great about communicating via text and email, and the school and school district even use text messaging and emails to keep in touch with the families. Sure beats the incessant robo-calls we would receive from Santa Rosa County schools in Florida.

Nonetheless, here are pictures from the boys’ first day of school on August 19th.