Good morning friends and Happy Easter!

(I started this post this morning, but I’ve been fighting with my photo software all morning, then went to church.  I’m now about to head out to visit friends for the afternoon so I will just publish what I have here and go into more detail later).

It goes without saying that as the kids get older, the whole Easter egg hunt experiences becomes quicker and quicker.  The boys did their entire hunt while I was brushing my teeth, so I don’t have many pictures at all.  But here are some pictures of our weekend so far.

We colored eggs with both Kool Aid and Dave’s old silk ties. I’ll write more details about how we did them later.

Dipping eggs in Kool-Aid-based dye. Smells, well...FRUITY!

Completed Kool-Aid eggs. They have some unusual attributes that one has to get used to...if you touch the eggs too much before they're dry, the film of color wipes away, such as that pink one at the bottom.

The silk-tie eggs. This is a trickier task. Jacob and Timmy weren't at all interested in was a lot of work. I only had 5 eggs left. Tips if you want to do this -- the darker the tie, the better. The top eggs were covered with a yellow tie w/ reddish paisley.

After eggs, I made a strawberry pie with some of the berries we picked last Friday (I’ll write more about that too).

I used this recipe: But it didn't make enough glaze.

I’ll close with a picture of the boys’ Easter baskets. Yes, those are zombie bunnies. White chocolate (albeit with green and red coloring) = no caffeine!

Timmy's is on the left, Jacob's on the right. My parents sent some goodies that went into the basket. Thanks!