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I found a pretty good radio station here, better than anything I could find in NC or in FL.

“The River” plays a nice variety of newer rock music (Audioslave, Beck, Flogging Molly) with some “classics” mixed in (I heard some R.E.M. from Document, U2 from War, and old Offspring today). I typically have to reserve listening to that station for when there are no kids in the car.

The neighbor who lives behind us, Alissa, watched Timmy briefly today while I ran some errands by myself (a first in a LONG time!) I watched her kids briefly this morning so she could go to an eye appointment. When I was pulling into the Post Office on the Air Force Base, I heard a gorgeous — I know, strange word in this context — cover of “One” by Metallica. Cellos. Lots of cellos. I’ve always liked that song and many others by Metallica (you learn something new about me every day). This version was mesmerizing!

I sat in the small parking lot until the song was over, and the deejay said that the group playing was called “Apocalyptica” from Finland. Four cellos and a drummer. Classically trained at Finland’s equivalent to Juilliard, the Sibelius Academy. They specialize in covers of Metallica, but also dabble in other “heavy metal” or “thrash metal”, such as Slayer and Rammstein.

And it gets better — this group of cellos from Finland will be performing in downtown Omaha next month. It’s on a Thursday night, but hey! Jake doesn’t have school the next day….hmmmmm…..

I checked some of their music on You Tube and, based on the videos, the same crowds who frequent Metallica concerts would also probably go to a concert such as this, so I’m not sure I’m going to make an effort to go. I mean, look at these guys! Could you see ME at a concert featuring guys who look like that???

*A Side Note: How many of you knew I’d been playing violin since I was 10 years old? And I used to be pretty good? And I was truly torn between majoring in music or meteorology in college? That was a very tough decision. Reflections of my violin teacher and other music mentors in picket lines while I was in high school helped make my decision. I found ways to keep up my music up until Timmy was born in 2005…I haven’t played at all since. Need to break out my violin!