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Okay, I had been waiting to do this picture for some time — I wanted some nice pics of the boys in front of corn to welcome our fans to our new world. My car accident and Dave’s appendix, plus Jake starting school, kept putting this little mission in the back of my head.
Today I decided I could get the boys to a nearby cornfield this afternoon and try to get the sunlight correct for a nice photo to include in some of the “We’ve Moved” cards for those who don’t have computer access, such as my 95-year-old grandmother in FL.
Unfortunately, Jake was in a pretty bad mood, from lack of sleep last night, and it was tough to get him in the right mood to do this at first. The first photo was from about 11am, the one above was from about 1pm, on the way to the movies to see “The Clone Wars”. The movie was all right, from my perspective, but the boys LOVED it…full of action.