Greetings from the Top of Germany!

29 July 22: Today we woke up, saw the Zugspitze view off our balcony loud and clear and decided to make the trip up before the clouds enveloped it. It was a bit tricky to do with public transportation but we did it! It took a bus, two trains, and a gondola/cable car to get to the top.

The Zugspitze is the highest point in Germany, at about 9700′ elevation. It’s remarkable how low the tree line is here compared to Pikes Peak.

It has the most amazing 360° Panoramic webcam, too! Check it out!

Added bonus, the visitor center straddles the Austrian border! We enjoyed lunch in the panoramic restaurant on the Austrian side right as the clouds — with lightning! — started moving in.

Tomorrow: Neuschwanstein Castle!

Train-to-the-Top Selfie!
That lake is called “Eibsee”.
Apparently there used to be more to that glacier since my brochure states that you can take the “Glectscherbahn” over the glacier. But the glacier has receded such that it’s hard to get near it now.

The Glectscherbahn connects those two buildings you see down there.
The VERY tippy top is that gold cross. Lots of climbers were making it there during our visit.
We hemmed and hawed over what that flag was until we got Wifi back and could look it up. Jacob was very close guessing “Romania”. But it isn’t Romania.

Guess that flag!!
So many food and beer options at the summit.
This sign is welcoming us to the Tirol region of Austria.
A view of the massive “Bahn” we took up to the summit. It held over 100 people. Not for the faint of heart!
The door to the Deutsche Wetterdienst office at the summit. It would have been cool to go up and chat if my German was better.
Can you see the sheep hiking up with the humans??

I love all the flower and vegetable gardens we’d see on the train rides.

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