Timmy studies his scrambled cube for 15 seconds before the timer starts.

Last week, Timmy was on a team representing┬áhis elementary school at a regional Rubik’s Cube competition. It was his first experience, and was the first time his school had entered a team. Timmy was the only 4th grader, the rest of his team were 5th graders. While the team didn’t take home any prizes, they certainly are competitive and I’m sure all the students learned a lot.

Dave, Jacob, and I certainly learned a lot. We had never seen a competition like that!

Timmy and his team in front of a Rubik’s Cube mosaic, made with 600 cubes.

The first thing the team did was participate in a “team competition”: a team of 8 “solvers” is timed solving 25 cubes. Timmy’s school’s team did this in 6 minutes, 40 seconds, and Timmy solved 5 of the cubes!

Here is a video of the first 2 1/2 minutes, you will see Timmy solve two of them:

After the team competition, some of the team members took part in the solo competition. Here is the video of Timmy solving on his own. While we’ve seen him practice in as fast as 58 seconds, he told us that the clocks all around him were distracting.

(Look at the young man on Timmy’s left — the right side of the screen — note the lightness of his fingers as he’s solving. I found that very interesting!)

Timmy’s team placed 5th out of 8 elementary schools, and here are the winners’ times.

The contest was featured in our neighborhood newspaper later that week! Timmy’s name is mentioned in the text of the story, but the photos are of teams that placed in the competition.

We are so proud, and we’re pleased that he’s taking this year’s event as a learning step for next year.