A gift for a GeekMom writers’ gift exchange last June.

We and our house is doing just fine with Issac.  It’s no worse than tropical storm-strength here, but my neighbors and our family are all puzzled by this dull roar that we’re hearing outside.

In the meantime, we are all stuck in the house, and the kids are off of school both today and tomorrow.  This is a quiet week for me, some Air War College reading, and preparing the family for this weekend’s trip to Atlanta for a Braves/Phillies game and Dragon*Con.

I had just realized today that I didn’t share a craft I had done this past June!  So here we go!

The ribbon wreath.

It’s actually something I saw on Pinterest that I decided to attempt.  I made two ribbon wreaths back in June, one for a GeekMom gift exchange, and one for my own front door.

So how is it done?  It’s quite simple.  Here is the ingredient/supply list:

  1. A hay round wreath from your local craft store
  2. Wide ribbon to wrap around the hay
  3. Several varieties/widths of grosgrain or satin ribbon
  4. Scissors to cut the ribbon
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. A means to hang the wreath
First I cut the assorted ribbon into 2″ lengths.  That was quite the feat in itself.

First cut the ribbon into 2″ lengths and then glue them into loops. This was something I was able to do while sitting in front of the TV in the evenings.

Then I took some wide ribbon and wound it around the wreath form:

I wrapped black ribbon and this is what I ended up with.

Then I got going with the glue gun.  Glue each piece at the seam down onto the wreath form.

I tended to work with one color at a time, but there’s nothing that says you can’t work geographically around the wreath.  Also, it’s up to you whether you want all the ribbon loops to orient the same direction, or just orient in any directions you want.  It’s a free country!

Once I filled up the  wreath, it was time to decorate it with other stuff.  I chose to use a GeekMom logo and a bright pink ribbon.  I printed up the GeekMom logo on photo paper then laminated it.

Here was the logo I used.

The finished product fit perfectly into this AF boot box to ship to the GeekMom recipient!

Then I decided to use my new skills on a Penn State wreath for my own front door.  I ordered the PSU ribbon through Etsy, but it seemed to be VERY hard to find! I bought every bit this particular retailer had, but I wish I had more.

The PSU ribbon came from an Etsy retailer and I bought every last bit she had. Otherwise I used blue and white ribbon to finish this off.  The lion-head logos are from an older PSU football calendar my sister gave us several years ago.  I saved it for something along these lines — really!

The PSU wreath sits on our front door, unless there’s a tropical storm bearing down on us: