This week we’ve been painting the great room and kitchen of our house.

Yes, it’s a rental, but all this time it’s been sterile white in color…EVERYWHERE and frankly it was getting on my nerves.  For starters, it shows EVERYTHING.  Every smudge, every scuff, every bump by a backpack, piece of furniture, etc.  Secondly, I like color.  I just do.

It took us a couple months of phone and e-mail tag with our property manager and homeowners, but last week we got a go-ahead.  Dave and I didn’t waste any time getting the paint on Sunday.  As of tonight we’ve done about half of the job.

Enjoy this before-and-after of our north wall, which includes the fireplace.


All I could find of this particular wall was from Christmas. But you can see how white it all is...the fireplace is barely noticeable.

In progress:

The variations in color are from the paint drying at different rates.


When the color dried. Nice and even...

With everything back in place (except for that bookcase on the left).

I'll be working on the wall to the far left next. Our TV/entertainment stuff is along that wall so hopefully I can just pull it forward about 2' and work behind it.