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It’s baseball season here — the boys are both in Navarre Youth baseball this year, and they got their uniforms and had their first games this past weekend.

Enjoy some pictures!!!!

At practice, Timmy is got some time as a catcher.
At practice.  The look on his face is priceless!  I can’t remember if he hit this one or not….
Here’s Timmy practicing as a 2nd baseman.
Game day!  He was so excited to be on the BRAVES!
Dave snuck in a couple of pictures while they were taking team photos.  These pics were taken SO early in the morning!  I wonder how the shadows will be resolved…
Timmy’s team had the kids’ names embroidered on the hats.  This will help them when these hats are strewn all over the dugout when the boys are batting.
Dave watched Timmy’s first game while I watched Jacob’s.  Dave got this picture of Timmy’s first at-bat: it was a base hit!  He ended up running it in for a score, too!
Later in the game, he was catcher.
On Jacob’s team, it was uniform issue day last Thursday.
I need to call that Jacob’s “baseball smile” because it’s one of the nicest ones he has.
Can you see the ball?  It’s above the 3rd baseman’s head.