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Last night the boys asked to make homemade salsa.  We were coming home from a fun run last evening and I told the boys we could stop at Publix to pick up the things we need.  I whipped out my iPhone (“Pardon me while I whip this out….”) and Googled a salsa recipe.

I don’t know how she does it, but Pioneer Woman’s salsa recipes topped by Google search results.  I chose the “Restaurant Style Salsa“.

We have fresh jalapenos and cilantro in my garden (YUM!), and a big fat Vidalia onion and some garlic in my veggie drawer, so I picked up the other items I needed.

I didn’t take step-by-step instruction photos since PW takes care of that for us, but here’s our end product!  The boys were devouring it as soon as I opened the food processor lid.

That’s Timmy’s hand dipping in a chip to taste.

This recipe makes a TON of the salsa (that’s a 12-cup food processor there that’s 3/4 full) — I’m inclined to put some in jars and run it through the canner.

I’d put this salsa up against anything we’ve had in Mexican restaurants!  It’s pretty tasty, the kids enjoyed it (hooray for veggies!), and by some miracle after eating about 1/2 cup of the stuff with last night’s dinner, I didn’t get heartburn!  Whoo hoo!