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Throw everything you DON’T want the packers to move into one room, close/lock/put a tape “X” over the door and make it the “Do Not Pack” room. In this case, you’re looking at Timmy’s room, emptied of his belongings. Pardon the mess, today we were trying to keep one step ahead of the packers, coming up with additional things that we needed to stash in that room.
Once the movers are through, we will redistribute what’s in this room a little better. We’re staying in our house for 9 days until closing…then we’ll stay in a hotel for 4 days. By the way, everything in this room has to fit into our Odyssey, Prius, and the car top carriers for both vehicles…plus space for the boys and the dog. I have a U-Haul small trailer reserved just in case we’re WAY overboard, but I don’t think we will be.
PS: Ever heard of Freecycle? It’s my new best friend for getting rid of stuff without having to load it all into the car. I’ve signed up for both Wake County, NC’s and Sarpy County, NE’s. This past weekend someone Freecycled a new X-Box!!!! I’ll be offering up a lot of stuff once the movers are done here. Some of it is on Craig’s List right now, but not going anywhere.