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No…not me. My poor husband.

He’s at T-6 days and counting till his PhD dissertation defense. I won’t even TRY to explain what he’s up to, but let me just refer you here if you also have a 100lb. brain and would like to learn more. He last updated the homepage on 18 Oct 07, but he uploads all his research result graphics as he makes them.

So he’s working 12-18 hours per day, every day, probably between now and Thursday evening, when Dave’s parents arrive for Dave’s defense and Father’s Day weekend. This started around June 1st. His attention is purely on last minute calculations, literature reviews and final preparations on his hour-long dissertation defense Powerpoint presentation.

That’s it.

“Dave, Father’s Day is next weekend, what do you think your Dad would like?”

“Father’s Day? When is it?”

“A week from Sunday…”


We took about 3 minutes to come up with a nice idea, and I will take it from there. But since it’s Dave’s Dad, and the two of them talk at least weekly, along with e-mails, sometimes Dad Vollmer might mention something he’d be interested in and we’d do something with that information.

My point here is that in the 16 years since I’ve first met Dave, I’ve never seen him so focused! He’s barely making time to eat!

So let’s have some fun here!

How many of you knew that Dave is an artist??? Raise your hands!

Not many, not since we moved to NC. Dave hasn’t done much of any drawing except for some model railroad diagrams lately. It’s unfortunate.

Dave’s mind would wander in classes when we were at Penn State and while we were working on our Master’s degrees. His mind doesn’t wander like that anymore, I guess.

As a joke, when we were in grad school in 2002 I did an online “art showing” for our M.S. program classmates.

Now, in honor of (hopefully) Dave’s last week as a PhD candidate, I’ve transfered Dave’s art gallery to our new family homepage and I present it here to you.

Enjoy and smile!

PS: You’ll see pictures of Dave in the gallery in which he’s wearing the same shirt. That’s his Air Force “Class B” uniform, a short-sleeved light blue shirt with epaulets on the shoulder.