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“Eeewwww….doesn’t that defeat the purpose of chocolate chip cookies? Sinful bliss?”

Well, does it HAVE to be so sinful?

Okay, a little truth time here. I had everything to make chocolate chip cookies for the family, you know, that recipe on the back of the bag of the 12 oz. Nestle Chocolate Chips.

Except for white flour. I go through about 5 lbs. of all purpose flour per month on all the assorted things I make for the family: pancakes, waffles, cake, pie crusts, rolls, biscuits, etc.

But I had plenty of Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, which has a similar gluten content to all-purpose flour and can be used nearly interchangably.

So in this case, I made a Betty Crocker Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

And my kids didn’t know any better — happy faces all around. With 1g of fiber per cookie to boot!