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Today was slightly improved from yesterday, but I have to tell you about these awesome tissues I found at Walgreens! Puff’s Plus with Vick’s Vapo-rub. To quote Tony the Tiger: “They’re GRRRRREAT!”

My runny nose kicked in today, and my regular BJ’s-brand tissues, which work well for occasional nose-blowing, started ripping up my nose. So I went to Walgreen’s for some more Nyquil and decided to pick up some Puff’s Plus — you know, the kind with the lotion.

I got a box of Puff’s Plus, but also saw these ones infused with Vick’s Vaporub. They’re so nice!

So there’s my pitch — no, Vick’s isn’t giving me any money for this. Neither is whatever company owns Puff’s….ah yes, Proctor and Gamble. I remember that man-in-the-moon on the back of my parents’ bottle of “Prell” shampoo.