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I’d read about the Pioneer Woman’s Buttery Thyme Bread on earlier blog posts and it sounded pretty good. When she posted the recipe earlier this week I was really interested to see how it tasted. So tonight we had the leftover Jack Daniel’s roast, this bread, and some glazed carrots.

You can check out her pictures, and then check out mine and laugh.

For starters, I couldn’t find that Wonder Frenchef stuff she showed on her blog, and our local Kroger’s freezer cases are full of pre-buttered, pre-garlicked bread. That was okay… I picked up some Pillsbury French Bread in the dairy case instead. Baked it up, let it rest for about 5 minutes before I sliced it in half lengthwise.

From 2008 01 29 PW…

I couldn’t bring myself to put 1 whole stick of butter on EACH side of the loaf — I COULD NOT DO THAT! So I put about 3 TBSP of butter on each side. It was all I could muster. Since the bread was still hot from baking in the oven, it didn’t need to spend long melting the butter in the oven at 350 F, as her recipe suggests.

Meanwhile, I went outside to pick my fresh thyme (I know, you might have remembered that I said my only surviving herb plant right now is my rosemary. I lied. I found some scraggly sprigs of thyme on my otherwise-dead-looking plant). Enough to do one side of the bread, but not that other. That’s okay, my kids probably would have freaked if I served THEM bread with herbs. Chopped up.

From 2008 01 29 PW…

So then I cranked up the broiler and let ‘er rip. It took about 4 minutes and the chirping of my smoke alarm…then it was most perfect.

Sprinkled on the herbs and served it up.

From 2008 01 29 PW…

The verdict — my near-dead thyme was good, but I think some larger, fresher leaves might have been better. Otherwise, the buttery goodness was a hit at the dinner table, with or without the herbs. Enjoy!