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So…after all this time of enjoying other peoples’ blogs, Dave (my Weather Warrior husband) convinced me that setting up my own blog might be long overdue. After all, I’ve suggested other people start blogs, I’ve incessantly called Dave over to look at other people’s blogs, my sister has a really cool one (a plug for my sister: Living in the Material World!), etc.

Actually Dave put it this way: “You’re always sitting at that thing [the computer], I’m sure you have lots of things to put in a blog!”.

He’s right…I spend a LOT of time at the computer, and the efforts I’ve put into the wireless networking and file sharing in the house were all just so that I can continue to e-mail friends and surf the web while still being a decent mother. This meant not spending all my time in┬áthe computer room, instead putting our very old (circa 2000) laptop in the kitchen.

See on the counter on the left side of the picture? That’s the laptop, taking up valuable food preparation space.

Sometimes it’s good — many of the other neighborhood Moms will send out “Let’s go to the park” e-mails which I can receive quickly, sometimes it’s bad — letting the pasta overcook because I’m IMing a friend!

My point is: I did it — I set up a real blog, and my next task is to somehow link my Picasa albums so that I don’t have to duplicate efforts.