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We had our truck about 14 months before learning about the “Average Fuel” setting that ties to the trip odometer.

Yep…that’s the total number of miles driven on our two-week road trip in the lower right.  And, as an added bonus, we have the average mileage.  That’ll come in handy for some additional calculations.

Let’s check out some more numbers. You guys know me and numbers, right?

Number of days: 14
Number of states we drove though: 14
Number of gallons of gas: 197.9795
Average gas price during this trip: $3.55
Based on averages, how much our gas cost probably cost: $688.63 (all the gas transactions haven’t posted to the credit card quite yet)
Number of hours of driving: Approximately 54
Number of days worth of driving: 2.25

I have quite a list of forthcoming blog posts about the assorted adventures we had over these past couple weeks!  Stay tuned!