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On two recent blog posts here, there are comments written in Chinese characters.

This one: http://vollmerdp.blogspot.com/2010/03/big-top-cupcake-love-it-or-loathe-it.html

And this one: http://vollmerdp.blogspot.com/2010/04/garden-season.html

The first one went up on March 14th, and I get the comments sent to my e-mail account. So there’s all this Chinese in my inbox.

What do you THINK I’m going to do with it? Yep, sent the e-mail to the trash and didn’t think anything else of it.

Until it happened again 2 days ago. This time I said, “Let me throw this into Google Translator and see what I get.”

I put in the comment that I got in the Garden Season post and got this text in return:

“Simple act of spiritual joy to others, prayer is better than thousand bow”

Awww….how sweet. Next to the comment is a bunch of ellipsis with a link. Like a moron, I clicked the link.

Go ahead, click the link. I dare you! Get the kids out of the room first, please!

The second set of text? The one on the Big Top Cupcake post? Well, I’m not putting that translation here. You may go check it out yourself, just go from Chinese to English on the Google Translator.

I’d like to remove the comment, but not before my billions (cough!) of faithful readers get a chance to copy/paste it into the translator and get a smile. Once again, get the kids out of the room!