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I put up a poll, and the people spoke.

Well, 8 of you spoke. Might have even been 6, since I voted on each of our computers.

But majority rules, and the ruling is that you liked the original template better. I have been looking for a format that will let me take advantage of the edges of my blog a little better.

Don, I like yours quite a bit, if I could tweak the colors some. Your information extends out to the edges of the screen.

Of course, if I were smarter in HTML, perhaps I could just get into the code, add a second “sidebar” and make the colors whatever I want.

Quick quiz! Name these colors! Just leave a comment with the answers. Maybe I’ll cut a portion of my ad earnings as a prize. Just the general hue, like “blue” or “red” or “green”:

1.) 0000FF
2.) 00FF00
3.) FF0000
4.) FF6FCF
5.) 6728B2
6.) FFFF00
8.) 000000

Remind me to post answers tomorrow.