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So tonight I attempted PW’s Blackberry Cobbler #1 recipe. I attempted it earlier this month without the self-rising flour and it was not quite what we were expecting. I don’t even think I posted about it, it was so disasterous.

So this week I picked up a small bag of self-rising flour (I’d never purchased it before) and tried it again. It was a hit! I used the remainder of my frozen blackberries from when I went pickin’ in June, plus a cup-or-so of frozen blueberries from the same trip.

In the Oven…looks just like hers (the cobbler, not the oven — don’t look at the oven), doesn’t it?

However, unlike hers, the batter on the edges began rising so high, it enveloped the fruit almost entirely.

The edges browned quite a bit before the center had a chance to set. You like my Pooh Bear potholder? I do. I like how he’s staring at the cobbler, looking a bit puzzled. I have placemats & napkins to match. I think it’s the only thing I’ve ever purchased from Stein Mart…Beavercreek, OH, circa 2000. But back to the cobbler.

Here’s a serving — I say, the gloppier it looks, the better it tastes. And it was quite the winner in the Vollmer house yesterday and today…and probably tomorrow too.

I have just enough frozen blueberries left to attempt PW’s Blackberry Cobbler #2 sometime. That one seems to take a bit more skill — not every recipe requires a Microplane, after all. Do you have yours? I love mine!