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So tonight I’m going to use my other chuck roast. When I bought the chuck roast expressly for the Pioneer Woman pot roast recipe last week, I found a great buy-one-get-one-free special, so the 2nd one has just thawed and is ready for action.

(NOTE: The pot roast was delicious, but I think I might have gone a bit nuts on the rosemary. That’s the only herb left that hasn’t been killed by the drought.)

I’m hesitant to make the exact same recipe twice in a row, so as much as we loved the PW Pot Roast, I searched for something different. And different this will be…Jack Daniels Chuck Roast! The roast is now marinating in my fridge and we’ll grill her up tomorrow for dinner. I can’t wait!

Bathing in my recently-cleaned fridge…

Note how I stuffed the roast into a small dish, to squish the marinade up the sides as high as it will go. Maximizes the surface area getting soaked. I should only require one flip tonight just before bed…or tomorrow morning, depending on when I remember.

Pioneer Woman I am not when it comes to close up photography. I was trying to show the lovely marbling of my roast, but instead you’re mainly seeing plastic Ziploc bag. Oh well.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of Patricia’s attempts to show the world her cooking prowess…or lack thereof.

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