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It’s laundry day in the Vollmer house. For those who don’t know, I HATE laundry. Always have. I was quite lucky as a kid — I did a lot of chores in my house growing up (washing dishes, mowing the lawn) but laundry was never one of them. I think my Mom had her way of doing laundry and it was just less work to do it herself rather than deal with us kids messing things up. I understand completely — I get nervous that Dave might accidentally let a bra or sweater go into the dryer and we all know what happens then!

Anyway, before kids, and while Dave and I were both active duty Air Force, our laundry was easily a 1/2 day chore, once a week. One load of whites, one load of colors. Our uniforms were usually being professionally cleaned, so we didn’t even have to worry there.

Of course NOW, particularly in the wintertime, during Timmy’s potty training (that’s another posting, we’re in the home stretch!), the clothes pile up like crazy. Once a week is a no-go. But I’m not disciplined enough to do it daily, which is what many of my friends claim to do: 1-2 small loads per day = 10-15 minutes worth of work per day.

What I do is probably worse: 5-6 very-large-loads every 4-5 days, 1-2 hours of folding/putting away.

And then I really take my time — I’ve been known to let the clothes sit in the dryer or in baskets in the laundry room for as many as 5 days. I’ll just pull what I need from the piles. But typically, I can do everything in one day.

So go ahead — take my poll! I’ve been wondering if I’m sort of a freak because I don’t do laundry daily.