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(The label Dave came up with for his first batch of Homebrew! — Howie’s our dog…)

Dave got a Mr. Beer for Christmas. It was “given” to him by his two sons. (Am I mother-of-the-year or what — convincing her sons to give Daddy a Home Brewery for Christmas!).

On Christmas afternoon, he took over my kitchen and started on this batch. He’s following the Mr. Beer directions pretty closely this time around, although he’s already consulted with several other home brewer who have enlightened him on “the right” way to homebrew.

So it’s now New Year’s afternoon, and Dave’s taken over my kitchen once again to bottle his work thus far.

Someone already commented about all the soda bottles on the kitchen counter in my first post. Those were in preparation for today’s bottling.

Good thing New Year’s dinner is a Crock Pot meal — he can have the kitchen all he wants today!