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On Friday I took the boys to the Build a Bear store in Durham so the boys could use their Christmas gift cards from Cousin Jenn. Timmy was sound asleep when we got there, so Jake was able to go through the bear-making process on his own, and Timmy awakened right before I paid for Jake’s bear (and bear accessories). Then Timmy went through and made up his stuffed doggie.

Jake named his polar bear “Snowy” and got him a winter hat, scarf and mittens, along with Converse-all-star canvas sneakers, pants and a zip-front sweatshirt. I let the boys choose a sound box for their animals, so Jake chose the “Happy Birthday Bear” song — even though it isn’t his birthday. Jake said “It’s Snowy’s Birthday!”.

Timmy got a dog, named him “Timmy Dog” (I know, megalomanical), and dressed him in a Carolina Panthers sweatshirt, carpenter jeans and a pair of soccer cleats. He chose the doggie sounds, which include panting and woofing.

When Timmy gets up from a nap, it takes a LONG time for him to actually “wake up”.
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