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Jacob received several gift cards for his birthday.  Unfortunately, things were so hectic after his birthday, between my two reserve tours and then Dave’s surgery, we sorta forgot about them.

With Grammy and Grampy Vollmer visiting, we made a trip to Pensacola today so Jacob could visit Toys R Us and spend his gift card.  Jacob immediately chose the game Apples to Apples Junior and I am so happy about this choice.  He said they play it at school and he really enjoys it.

Tonight we played and it was SO MUCH FUN!  The winner is supposed to have won the round 5 times, but we just played still we didn’t feel like it anymore, so the winner had won 23 times.  Dave and I had played the grown-up version with friends in Nebraska and this version is tailored to 9-12 year olds.  There’s still some GREAT humor in the game even for this age group.

Over the past few months, Jacob and Timmy have been really getting good about playing card games, board games, and even chess together!  They typically will last a good 30 minutes before one of them either gets bored or else doesn’t get his way and stomps away mad.  I’ll take 30 minutes!