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Canadian illustrator Andrew Kolb decided to illustrate a children’s book with the story told in David Bowie’s hit song “Space Oddity“.

Now, you should know why this is interesting to me….

Mr. Kolb had put a link to the PDF of this book on his homepage earlier this week, but then he received a cease and desist request from the song’s copyright owner and he’s since had to remove it. According to the news article linked here, he’s working out the legality of this, and he’d like to illustrate more ballads of classic songs.  Here is a You Tube video with the pages of the book set to the song that might or might not be available for very long.

I noticed the lack of capitalization of the words “Major” and “God”, that the spaceship looks like the Death Star, and that the spaceship is ENORMOUS, but the illustrations are very cute and my sons would enjoy this very much.