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This is really yummy!

This is really yummy!

Tonight I went to the Bellevue, Nebraska Walmart Super Center mainly to pick up some Dorothy Lynch salad dressing for my boys. It’s the only kind Timmy will have on his salads, otherwise he eats his salad “dry”.

I decided to pick up a small container of ice cream for myself while I was there, and I was in search of a pint-sized container, such as Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs.

I found the gelato pictured above, and it’s very yummy! While I have been sitting here watching the NFL Draft enjoying it, I looked at the nutrition information:

  • Serving size: 1/2 cup
  • Number of Servings: 3.5


Then I looked at the size of the container: 14 ounces?

Scammed again!

It’s not the first time I’ve written about these food packages quietly shrinking before our very eyes.

Something else I noticed tonight:

Edy’s Ice Cream used to sell flavors featuring Girl Scout cookies. I noticed these flavors as I was walking towards the smaller pints:

Note to the right of the words "Caramel Coconut" it reads "New name, flavor you love."

Note to the right of the words “Caramel Coconut” it reads “New name, flavor you love.”

What happened to the Girl Scout cookie licensing? Here’s what happened:

The text on the pack of the packaging even replicates the backsides of Girl Scout Cookies this year. Well done.

The text on the pack of the packaging even replicates the backsides of Girl Scout Cookies this year. Well done.

That’s right, Breyer’s just introduced the flavors this spring. As of this writing, it’s at the front of the Breyer’s homepage. I don’t know why the licensing went from one company to another. The prices are comparable, and both containers are 1.5 quarts (remember when ice cream came in half gallon containers?) The president of Turkey Hill ice cream discusses the changes in the industry in this 2008 blog post.

I didn’t buy any of this ice cream, and I don’t plan to anytime soon. Reading this review of the Samoas flavor sort of turned me off to it. I could see my family really enjoying the Thin Mints flavor, but that will have to be after our move. We aren’t buying any more frozen foods until after we leave Florida.  We have to eat what we have.

I don’t eat a lot of ice cream anymore. Perhaps due to my getting older, my stomach doesn’t handle the milkfats the same way as when I was younger, and I don’t care for the taste of the low fat variations. I’m hoping my stomach can handle the gelato…so far so good.

Here ends another episode of “What did Major Mom see at the local Walmart?”  Hope you enjoyed it.