A favorite family breakfast!

I’d like to share a new favorite product in our house: Immaculate Baking Co.

No, this isn’t a “Back to Basics” type of thing, but I started by trying out the cinnamon rolls, like the ones pictured above.  I’ve been trying to migrate my kids away from the super-processed Pillsbury refrigerated dough products, and was just going to try to make cinnamon rolls with my bread machine.  But that still takes a while — I’d make up the dough the night before, assemble the rolls before bedtime and let them rise in the fridge.

But I had two problems with this: (a) I’m so tired at night I rarely do much food prep the night before and (b) such recipes tend to make too many cinnamon rolls.  And if I bake them, they will all be eaten.  We don’t need that.

At my local Wal-mart, I spied these Immaculate Baking cinnamon rolls positioned high above the Pillsbury products that are at eye level.  (Tangent: Check out this blog post about the psychology of product placement in grocery stores, at every store I’ve seen these cinnamon rolls, they’re on the top shelf).

I liked the non-GMO corn products and unprocessed ingredients.  I thought I’ve give them a shot.  The flour is unbleached and unbromated, the salt is sea salt and the baking powder is aluminum-free.

Oh boy are they yummy!

Immaculate Baking’s cinnamon rolls look so much more like the real thing than Pillsbury’s.

This past week I also tried the flaky biscuits and they were also very very good.

As can be expected, these products cost more than Pillsbury’s — at a grocery store like Publix, they can cost twice as much — but it’s certainly worth it if you want the convenience of refrigerated dough products without the additives such as what you’d find in Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon Rolls (which are of comparable size).  But don’t fear, in the inner label of each roll I’ve bought so far, I receive a coupon for $1.00 off TWO Immaculate Baking products.

The company makes many other products, but so far I’m only able to find the cinnamon rolls, flaky biscuits, several flavors of scones and chocolate chip cookie dough here locally.  They have gluten-free cookie and brownie dough, which sounds promising.  If you really want to try more of their products, you can also order online at their website, with two-day shipping.

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