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This is a representative forecast, click here for the latest!

Our thoughts and prayers are with those preparing for the onset of Hurricane Irene.  My family experienced the crazy 2004 Hurricane Season on the East Coast of Florida.  We packed both cars, both kids, our dog, and our most valuable belongings and tearfully evacuated our house in Melbourne, Florida for Hurricane Frances just before Labor Day.  Our house did relatively well in 2004, we are very grateful for that.

When an order is given to evacuate, it’s done with a LOT of thought and consideration to the financial impacts on everyone they’re moving.  One of the things emergency managers are considering is how easily rescues can be made afterwards.

I’m not giving you a special forecast….refer to the National Hurricane Center or your favorite weather forecast outlet for your forecast.

  • Please heed local emergency management authorities.  FEMA, state, and local emergency management agencies have learned many lessons from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina: they’re more prepared than ever to respond, decide and inform.
  • Have a disaster preparedness kit handy (flashlights, matches, water, battery radio, clothes in plastic bags) if you choose to stay.  Ready.gov, the Department of Homeland Security’s public website, has this handy tri-fold pamphlet that covers basic needs handily.
  • Fill your cars with gas.  Local gas stations remained empty or near empty after Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne for several days.
  • Be prepared to lose perishables in your fridge and not have perishables at your local grocery store for several days.  The good news is that many homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies will cover replacement of spoiled perishable foods, perhaps without a deductible.  Check your policy for this.
  • Do you have pets?  Get to know if local shelters take pets or not.  Prepare ahead of time for your pet’s care in case of an evacuation or prolonged power outages if you don’t evacuate.  Do you have 2+ weeks of pet food?  Consider it.