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I have a link to Amazon on the left. If you buy from Amazon by clicking through this blog, I guess I get Amazon.com credit or something. I thought it was cute, so for the remainder of holiday shopping, feel free to check it out.

It’s allegedly showing you things that it thinks readers of my blog would like to buy. I’m seeing a Geotrax set and an Electric Company DVD set among some books and an iPod…not bad…not bad at all.

I’ve a couple odds and ends for my holiday shopping this year, once those are wrapped up, I can be officially done!

As for the cards, that’s another matter. This class I’m in down on the FL Panhandle has been pretty intensive and I have my first exam tomorrow morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on the family newsletter during the week.

(Yes, I’m blogging instead of studying, but don’t worry, Dave was a dear and just quizzed me via webcam from the objectives list I’d e-mailed him this afternoon. I guess to help pay me back for the quizzing I helped him with during his PhD. Thanks Dave, you helped quite a bit!)