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I’m fine…Dave asked me to run to Lowe’s to pick up one more can of primer for the basement-painting project he’s working on, and I guess my mind was wandering and I missed the already-red light and the car making a left turn in front of me.
I’ve never been in an air-bag accident before and the last time I was at fault was in an accident was in Korea where all you do is pay off the victim a couple hundred dollars on the spot.
I was taken to the emergency room via ambulance for a basic function check, I was only there for an hour. I’m sore from the seat belt and air bag impact, but other than that, fine.
Nothing a little ibuprofen can’t alleviate.
The woman I hit didn’t even need the hospital, she was given a ride home.
Kudos to both vehicles’ airbags…we’ll have to survive on one car for a while, but luckily we’ve been through that before and everything is quite close.

I’ve never received such quick medical support, that’s for sure! I crashed around 2:45pm, and I was walking out of the emergency room in Papillon around 4pm!