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So — the first day of Spring has come and gone.

What does that mean?

Flowers, April Showers coming, pollen, allergies, deciding between Zyrtec, Allegra and Flonase…

Oops, sorry, not the direction I was headed.

It also means that when you go to the clothing retailers, the first items that will catch your eyes will be SWIMSUITS. I’m still shivering in a sweater…how do they expect me to be in the mood for trying on a swimsuit?!?!?

Or worse yet, appreciating how I’d look in a swimsuit?!?!?

I told Dave yesterday that this year I need to get at least one new bathing suit.

“What’s wrong with the ones you have?”

Where do I start?

I have 3 bathing suits. The elastic is going bad on my favorite one (circa 2002, got it at Land’s End overstocks right after Jacob was born). Ever had elastic go bad on a suit? I don’t mean the waistbands or arm holes, either…I mean, you give that Lycra a good stretch across your backside to put it on and when you take ’em off, the fabric doesn’t retreat….

So I want to replace the Land’s End one.

When you look in the stores, here’s what is available (courtesy of Roxy):

Sorry folks, I’m TOO OLD to be dressing like this at the pool/beach now. I can’t tote around 3-year-olds, don an inner tube alongside Jake and jump into the pool in it, either.

Here’s more my speed:

Like the skirt?

Cost-wise, they’re about the same. I’ll end up spending about $100 no matter what. Dave can’t believe that. But if I can get 5 years out of it, then it’s like buying a $20 suit every year for 5 years, right?