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A nice map with which we could plan our trip.

A nice map with which we could plan our trip.

Sorry, you can’t really call it “taking a walk” here.

The kids, Howie and I decided to take a hike along the Cottonwood Creek Trail, which runs southwestward from our neighborhood. Just a couple houses down from us is an access point between two houses to Colorado Springs’ expansive network of multi-use trails.

We figured it’d be a quick walk to Cottonwood Creek Park, which is a nice big park with baseball diamonds, a basketball court and several playground structures. More »

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Yeah…um…I had a good old time today photographing assorted stuff with the new camera while I was doing lawn work.  First of all, this lacewing has been sitting all day on our door from the garage into the house.

I’m starting to dabble a little with the post-processing that iPhoto offers.  Dave has numerous other options in his Paintshop Elements but I haven’t used that at all.  The lacewing pictured here is simply my hitting the “Enhance” button.

The next picture is of some “slime mold” that’s been in spots all over my front lawn, due to the volumes of rain we’ve been getting.  Sunday was a really nice day, the family got to visit the beach.  It was the first day in over a week that thunderstorms didn’t chase us indoors.  As a consequence, though, my lawn is covered in mushrooms, dead spots due to grass root rot and this spotted moldiness.  Click in the link in the caption below to learn more about this stuff.  There’s nothing I can do about it but let it run its course.

I fiddled with the more fine tuning features in iPhoto to make this picture greener than the original picture.

Learn more about grass slime mold through this Ohio State Extension service flyer.