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I know, I’ve been pretty scarce.  Sorry.  I was in quite a funk the 1-2 weeks following Christmas.  Then I spent last week in Nebraska doing some Air Force Reserve work.

Nothing in particular with the funk, I just didn’t feel like writing.

I also have been pretty slow with the camera too, I’ve very few pictures to offer.  I promise that will change next week!

So here’s a story for you.

Just before I left for Nebraska two weekends ago, the family went to see The Adventures of Tintin.  What a fantastic movie, by the way!  Certainly isn’t just for kids!

The CGI animation of Tintin reminded me SO MUCH of Timmy.  I couldn’t help myself…I had to make a comparison, so here it is!  This is a picture of Timmy from our trip to the Santa train about 3 weeks ago.

And yes, as one could guess, Timmy wants to be Tintin for Halloween.