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Because of course we needed a Hofbräuhaus selfie!

1 Aug 22: Greetings from Munich! This is the last full day of our trip and the fatigue has definitely caught up with us. We arrived in the city around 10:30am and the hotel surprised us by having our rooms ready. We did the two things I was interested in in Munich: the 1908 Rathaus-Glockenspiel performance and the Hofbräuhaus for lunch. I promised the boys “No more museums and no more tourist attractions” after yesterday’s Passion Play.

It’s now 3pm and 2 solid weeks of “go go go” (and a maß of beer per person with lunch) has knocked us on our butts. We are now in our hotel rooms drifting in and out of sleep. We’ll probably wander out to a street cafe before sunset for a light dinner, but I’ve blocked time this evening to figure out how we’re getting all the wine, schnapps, and beer steins home.

Luckily this Mom brought her secret weapon: I had a medium duffel bag tucked into the corner of my suitcase for this very reason. It should fit enough clothing to free up space for our goodies in the hard sided suitcases.

We are checked in for our flight tomorrow. Looks like Lufthansa’s back up and running after their brief strike last week (which canceled the MUC-DEN nonstop on the 27th).

The Rathaus-Glockenspiel in the tower over my head.
Those glasses are called “maß“s, they hold one regulation liter of beer.
After having seen it in many Bavarian restaurant menus I finally decided to try the “schweinshaxe” (roasted pork knuckle). It wasn’t bad at all!