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This is after the first coat...I think it's going to be brilliant with the second coat!

This is after the first coat…I think it’s going to be brilliant with the second coat! Compare to the “before” picture.

So…um…yeah…we had the wrong kind of primer the first go-round.

This morning I picked up a can of Zinnser Bullseye 1-2-3 primer and it made a HUGE difference! I was able to sand down the blemishes in the primer job before applying the first coat of paint and it didn’t peel off in two seconds.

We were up pretty late sanding off all the primer we had put on Thursday night.


I didn’t do half bad wiping off the previous primer. Then we took a sander to it. These are the drawer fronts that are on the back side of the island (the opposite side from the photos of the island I keep showing).


The primer on this surface was on pretty well, but there were some spots that needed to be sanded down.

Today we’re only putting on one coat of the dark brown on the island, and will finish this up tomorrow. I’m so happy to be slowly working that honey oak color out of this kitchen!

We will be painting the rest of the cabinets white in a couple weeks.