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Coming in to land after their ten-minute trip.

Last weekend we took advantage of another Groupon: $35 parasailing with Destin Parasailing. By buying two for “myself” and gifting two more to Dave (per the terms of the Groupon), we were able to swing $35 parasailing for the whole family!

We were scheduled for last Saturday, but due to poor weather, we rescheduled to this past Sunday and the weather was fantastic!

You can read more details about a parasailing experience here from our trip last year, but with the kids we were really happy they enjoyed it. There was another 7-year-old on our boat and she was much more high-strung. She went up before our boys did, and she shrieked and hollered most of the time. We didn’t know if she was happy or sad about the experience. When she came back, she seemed to be giggling, but then said “It was scary!”. So I was nervous that the kids might get nervous themselves.

But they didn’t get nervous, they loved it! Enjoy some pictures below, and at the end I included the YouTube videos of our getting dunked just before landing back on the boat.

My boys just before boarding.

Dave and Jacob went up first. They’re all rigged up and ready to load…

I shot several continuous pictures of Dave and Jacob ascending and this is the first one after Jacob’s look of surprise, he seemed to be smiling like this in every subsequent picture. He really enjoyed himself!

Timmy and I went up right after Dave and Jacob. Timmy was so cute, constantly scanning for fish. He really enjoyed it also!

You can still see Timmy scanning for fish…he didn’t see any…

And the You Tube videos: